In landscape photography light is everything. So when you've finally found the perfect spot you'll have to wait, and wait some more for the perfect light. Patience is not really one of my virtues so that got me thinking, how cool would it be if you could bring your own perfect light!

Introducing the Nikon SB-1000 Landscape Flash.

Finally a flash powerful enough to light a landscape. The endless waiting for the right light is history. With the included 'Golden Hour' filter you'll bring your own sunset, anytime, anywhere. A full tank (0,5 Gallon / 2 Liter) gets you 100 flashes at 24.000Ws with a recycle time of only 1m32s. With it's 216lbs / 98kg it's not exactly a lightweight, you'll feel it with long mountain hikes, but the all terrain wheels will go anywhere.

Here's the spec sheet :o)

Making of

Nikon SB-100 Sketch

This is the sketch I made to get the idea out of my head. As you can see in the final model there have been some changes but the basic shape and feel is there.

After this I took some of my real flashes to research their controls. I made several iterations to give the SB-1000 all the necessary controls so it could actually work and placed them in logical and easy to use spots.

The sketch still had a 2400piece AA battery pack but it didn't really work in the final composition so I ditched it.

Nikon SB-1000 3D model wireframe

This is the final 3D model. What you see here is everything that is left if you take out all photography.

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